"K Yoga" - First Collaboration / by Walter C.

Click on the picture to access the gallery

Click on the picture to access the gallery

What a series of firsts ! 

After the first "official" assignment last week, here is the result of my first collaboration. And what a collaboration !

Our friend Karine decided a few months ago to embark on a new adventure: study to become a qualified yoga teacher.  Which she did ! 

And Karine asked us, Nathalie C. and yours truly, to help with the visuals of her then-upcoming website.

Hence the collaboration: Nathalie C. x Walter C.

With Nathalie C. in charge of the shoot with Karine in a studio in Camden. And Walter C. taking care of the black and white editing of the pictures.

The result can be seen in this gallery, here.

And directly on the beautiful website of the talented Karine, here. Of course, do not hesitate to reach out to her should you be in need (aren't we all ?) of a de-stressing session of yoga, pilates, or even a mix of the two ! Karine now has students both in Paris and London - hence, wherever you are, she will be there for you.

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Nathalie C.

Walter C.

As usual, any comment is more than welcome.

Enjoy !

Walter C.

PS: I have to admit, I lied. This photo shoot is not the first collaboration between Nathalie C. and I. We have had a series of collaborations historically, the most perfect of those being the 2 magnificent little monsters of 5.5 and 3.5 years we just put to bed...