Mauritius - Two Sides of One Beautiful Island by Walter C.

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While we tend to all enjoy the comfort of the hotels we visit on vacation, sometimes we miss the local life just around the corner. 

Mauritius is such destination where luxurious comfort can sit next to local villages - villages which seem to have been untouched by time.

The portfolio "Mauritius Villages" starts with a couple of pictures from the island seen from one of those luxury hotels. Until we get to the picture of the sign post of the hotel (Le Touessrok) which also shows that of one of the local villages: Le Trou d'Eau Douce. Picture which transitions us to the introduction of a fishermen's village. Very authentic (some would say poor), but bursting with colours and life. And full of genuinely nice people, who seem so happy to live in such a beautiful corner of our world…

And then, a little bit further on the road lays the village of Bel Air. Another small village with a majority of Hindus. Lucky with the timing, a group of young kids were preparing for the Maha Shivaratri festival. A traditional Hindu festival where all the Hindu communities on the island gather together on the shores of the lake Grand Bassin once a year - and pray and celebrate altogether. To do so, each community would leave from their respective village on foot, pushing a massive statue of some of their main gods all the way to the lake. In the case of the Bel Air community, it will take them 2 days to get to the lake, and another 2 to return. Striking colours and smiles..

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Enjoy !

Walter C.