Photography Workshop - 3 Months After 3 Days with Thorsten Overgaard / by Walter C.

Click image to open portfolio

Click image to open portfolio

Thorsten Overgaard, one of the best known Leica evangelists, delivers photography workshops around the world. Literally.  

Having attended one of them in London last December, the 3 days were filled with technical as well as intuitive information.

But after 3 months, which are the pieces of advice which have stuck ?

  • Never, ever, leave home without your camera
  • Never, ever, put the lense cap on your camera. Or switch it off. Every millisecond counts when the moment gets decisive
  • Forget about mega pixels, fps rates and SD card writing speeds. It is all about light. And only about light

The list could be a lot longer - but those are the essential ones. 

Click here to access the portfolio from the workshop.  

Do not hesitate to share thoughts in the Comments box below - this is actually the 4th point which stuck: share your work so that others can help you understand what you do well. And not so well.  

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Enjoy !

Walter C.